External PR/Communications campaign
Evolve Learning Group, part of West London College
Gold tonight for External PR/Communications goes to a topical, ambitious campaign with a clear objective, which used impactful media relations to help establish a new college brand. The submission showed a good use of internal existing knowledge as well as desk-based and qualitative research to inform the campaign, which landed coverage on flagship national broadcast and print media channels. A campaign which succeeded in its objective and strengthened college relationships with employers.
The Guildford College Group
The Silver Award is made to a carefully considered, thoughtful and well-executed events campaign based around SMART objectives and supported by a really clear and interesting submission. This was a campaign that understood that strengthening awareness takes time, that used a very modest budget very effectively and developed creative solutions for the deployment of limited staff resources.
South & City College Birmingham
Highly Commended is a summer campaign delivered in the difficult circumstances of an ongoing merger. This campaign included a varied use of research and an honest evaluation of the challenges faced. The execution of the campaign was thorough, detailed and impressive, and was supported by a clear, well-written and well-explained submission. The campaign met all its targets.
Internal Communications campaign
West London College
The Gold Award goes to an outstanding internal communications campaign aimed at current students to encourage them to progress to the next level. The campaign was well thought out and executed, and demonstrates how, with a very small budget, you can significantly grow student numbers by improving internal progression rates.
Telford College
The judges made two awards in this category, starting with a Highly Commended Award for a well-executed campaign informed by research. It focussed on bringing two colleges together through merger to form a new college brand and to improve brand perceptions with stakeholders. The campaign reached over 8,000 people, achieved all of its objectives and most importantly improved brand perceptions by over 40% - and all in just a few months.
Events management
Bedford College Group
The Gold Award is made to an exceptionally strategic, creative and well-planned event which was beautifully executed and meticulously evaluated. Stunning results, metrics and ROI. An outstanding submission and achievement.
West London College
Our second Silver is awarded to a very well planned and thoughtfully executed event, creatively and confidently planned, managed and evaluated, which delivered exceptional results. The submission was very professional and clear, including thoughtful reflections on the lessons learnt. Detailed evaluation referred back to the objectives set, all of which were achieved.
Boston College
Our first Silver goes to a wide ranging and bold event which showcased the College within its community and achieved great results on a very modest budget. The college stepped up locally to fill a gap and delivered a large event demonstrating great use of resources, creative funding, sponsorship and commercial opportunities and very positive outcomes. A very strong submission.
Website development project sponsored by FEmarketing
City College Plymouth
The Gold Award goes to an outstanding submission which clearly documented the five key stages of their project. The supporting evidence provided was exceptional and clearly linked the aims and demonstrated the outcomes of the project and the subsequent increases in their online applications. An outstanding web development project.
West Kent College
Our first Silver 1 Award goes to a very impressive project which set challenging targets for online application conversions across their core target audiences. Through developing and fine tuning the personas of their website visitors, and undertaking user journey analysis, they were able to develop a website that is customer centric. As a result they are seeing significant increases in online applications and by closely monitoring through Google Analytics, they are achieving their key performance indicators. An excellent submission.
Lewisham Southwark College
The second winner of a Silver Award is a submission that was less about developing a new website and more about adapting their current website to better meet the needs of their customers. By focusing on the needs and wants of their target audience, they were able to cost-effectively deliver a website that is improving the customer journey and increasing online applications. A comprehensive submission with excellent supporting evidence of their processes.
Barnsley College
The Highly Commended Award goes to an organisation that set measurable targets directly related to online enquiries and applications and talked directly to their target audience. Once the site was live, they continued to gather feedback and to make improvements – and they exceeded their initial targets.
Stoke on Trent College
For our Innovation award 2017, the judges felt there was one very clear winner. Our Gold award goes to a really strong entry which had clear objectives, strategic planning and a focus on meeting the needs of stakeholders and the community whilst also presenting clear revenue gains for the college. The project showed innovation by starting the college recruitment process earlier and looking beyond the promotional toolbox to deliver something that may not even have been perceived by the audience as a marketing activity. With all the pressures on targeting year 11s for recruitment in FE, it is good to see a college looking deeper, starting relationship marketing earlier, and working collaboratively with another college and local schools to provide excellent benefits at an earlier stage. A great example of strategic marketing in action.
Digital & social media campaign sponsored by Net Natives
LTE Group/The Manchester College
The Gold Award goes to a campaign which combined creativity with good use of data, and used empirical evidence to measure the success of their campaign. A very impressive strategic and measurable rebrand campaign.
West London College
The Silver award goes to a hugely impressive submission that combined increased student recruitment figures, a re-alignment of brand and changing perceptions of the institution through an amplified and measured presence on social media. Made all the more impressive being on a small budget and handled internally.
Milton Keynes College
The Highly Commended certificate goes to a very impressive submission that demonstrated the skills and achievements of a creative team, effective segmentation of an audience and what the judges describe as a really cool and interactive engagement mechanic.
School leaver recruitment campaign sponsored by Hotcourses Group
West London College
The winner of our School Leaver Recruitment campaign award this year is a college which faced a seemingly impossible task: declining applications, multiple mergers and a brand new team. They were faced with taking over from external agencies and bringing marketing back in-house, and at the same time increasing applications and establishing the college as a force in its community. The resulting campaign was confident, clear and creative, and the results were spectacular.
Specialised recruitment campaign
West London College
Gold goes to a campaign that was one of the best evaluated our judges had ever seen. The submission was well written and the rationale for the choice of channels used shows a good level of understanding of the target audience. The campaign demonstrated the true benefit of multi-platform campaigns including excellent use of content marketing and speakers that relate well to the target audience.
Evolve Learning Group, part of West London College
The Silver Award goes to an extremely professional campaign supported by a well-written and succinct submission which gives real context. Incredibly resourceful, showing real value for money and with thorough assessment of the impact of the campaign. Creativity, flair and strong decision-making.
Preston's College
The Highly Commended award goes to a recruitment event and ongoing campaign that was very good value for money and also raised sponsorship from partner institutions. Marketing spend and staffing were well-utilised and there is strong evaluation, a good business rationale and very effective analysis of the outcomes and lessons for the future.
Full-time prospectus
Cornwall College
The Gold Award is made to an entry which was clear in identifying the purpose of the prospectus, the gap it was aiming to fill in the careers information space, and which clearly set out how it hoped to meet the needs of its community. It involved a large amount of research with the target market before, during and post-production. It had a clear sense of what the prospectus was trying to achieve, why, and how – and that theme was demonstrated all the way through with high quality photography, great case studies of alumni and staff, and careers-led content.
The Sheffield College
The Silver award goes to a really excellent prospectus and a high quality awards submission. The writing and content were compelling and the design was excellent with a great balance of copy and high quality photography. A great example of a really well designed and well written prospectus wins Silver for one of our first-time entrants this year.
Havering College of Further & Higher Education
The Highly Commended award goes to a good, succinct, guidance-based prospectus - a very clean and consistent style with great use of clear colour coding, and a good use of icons. The judges really liked the Progression / Career possibilities listed and it was pleasing to see some strong SMART objectives that linked directly to the desired outcomes of this project. The evaluation showed an increase in applications and conversion whilst achieving a saving on previous production costs.
Marketing Team of the Year sponsored by AoC
South & City College Birmingham
Despite the challenges of an ongoing merger, this marketing team have achieved tremendous results. They developed an innovative and professional recruitment campaign which clearly links to the strategic objectives of the new combined college, and engaged audiences both internally and externally. The campaign was well planned and it exceeded its aims and objectives, and very importantly, brought the teams together as a new and integrated force for the merged college. The winner of our Marketing Team of the Year 2017 award – congratulations to South & City College Birmingham
West London College
Our Silver Award goes to a marketing team who have tonight shown us what can be achieved .The team has an impressive and well delivered marketing strategy, which links closely to the College’s aims. A mixture of traditional and digital platforms have been used to exceed the team’s aims across the board. Their summer recruitment campaign in particular saw an excellent, integrated marketing communications approach.
Milton Keynes College
Our first Highly Commended certificate goes to a team whose rebranding exercise showed a good understanding of the needs of the organisation. It also highlighted the importance of good team collaboration – working together to meet the objectives of a new project whilst delivering all the ongoing requirements of the day job.
Lewisham Southwark College
Our second Highly Commended certificate goes to a team whose approach to an expanded remit during the year highlights its strength. They have worked very effectively together to deliver lots of activities, all clearly linked to the college plan. The result of these events and other activities has been a growth in enrolments – one that exceeded the project’s aims. Congratulations to a team who are continuing to demonstrate they are a truly effective whole.